Organic cotton pertains sustaining cotton production along with conservation of natural habitats and resources with no pollution to soil, water and environment.

There are certain G. herbaceum bowls in Gujarat where G. herbaceum cultivation has not been exposed to ravages of modern agriculture. Population of natural predators and parasites have been build up which may support the organic cotton cultivation in these area.

G. herbaceum cotton varieties are biotic tolerant like immune to CLCV and bacterial blight resistant to sucking pests and comparatively tolerant to bollworm complex. It is mostly cultivated in rainfed cotton area and found abiotic tolerant like salinity/sodicity, drought/water stress and wind. This characteristics of G. herbaceum favour the cultivation of organic cotton. Organic cotton can be produce with little efforts from these bowls of Gujarat. Organic cotton are produce unknowingly in this area. We have the technocrats for the production of organic cotton and other agricultural commodities and made available to users on demand as per their requirements.

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